Lowe Park Stormwater Project

Lowe Park right now is a vacant lot with a big drainage pipe under it that

Drain pipe at the end of Lowe Park with sediment plume
Sediment build-up in Chautauqua Lake at the end of the drain pipe in Lowe Park

drains directly into Chautauqua Lake. The Lowe Park Stream Daylighting/Sediment Capture Project will transform the park into an inviting park from which to enjoy the lake, while simultaneously sediments and nutrients will be removed before they can enter the lake. Continue reading “Lowe Park Stormwater Project”

Stormwater Management: Key to Chautauqua Lake’s Health

It is no surprise to anyone that Chautauqua Lake is classified as an impaired waterbody by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The lake water has excessive nutrients that stimulate weed and algal growth. These eutrophic conditions in the lake have contributed to the weed problem for decades, and harmful algal blooms are becoming more common. Continue reading “Stormwater Management: Key to Chautauqua Lake’s Health”

Lakewood & Busti Awarded 1.493 Million Dollars in Grants

The Village of Lakewood and the Town of Busti have been notified that they have been awarded $1,493,921.00 dollars from various state agencies through this years Consolidated Funding Application process as part of the Regional Economic Development Council initiative for 2018. Continue reading “Lakewood & Busti Awarded 1.493 Million Dollars in Grants”

Trustees Confirm McCague as Lakewood Acting Mayor at Oct. 22 Meeting

The democratic process is alive and well in Lakewood.

The 80+ Village residents who attended the latest meeting of Lakewood’s Board of Trustees got a chance to voice their opinions and also had the opportunity to see and hear exactly how the political process works in the Village. Continue reading “Trustees Confirm McCague as Lakewood Acting Mayor at Oct. 22 Meeting”