Don’t Vote Easy – Qualified Candidates Do Make a Difference

Lakewood Seal

The Post Journal’s endorsement of candidates for the Lakewood Mayor and Trustee positions left out important information that voters should know about.

It took the position that the vote should be an “easy” one – vote for the least qualified just because they attended some Village meetings, just because they supported the unsupportable, just because they didn’t listen to the residents.  Lakewood deserves better!

The article fails to acknowledge any real accomplishments of the other candidates. Many readers would find it informative to know that Mr. McCague spearheaded the Comprehensive Plan project, lead the project team made up of Lakewood residents, and finally produced the award-winning Comprehensive Plan for Lakewood – the first in 40+ years. He worked to produce over $1.4 million in grants for the betterment of Lakewood based on the new Comprehensive Plan, re-wrote decades old zoning code for Lakewood resulting in saving thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, and as Lakewood’s Budget Officer produced the 2019 budget that lowered taxes for residents…and the list goes on from here.

Further, McCague’s credentials include an illustrious 30-year career as international airline pilot, 2 Master’s degrees, one of which is in law, extensive leadership skills, multiple years as Deputy Mayor, and the last year spent as Acting Mayor of the village.

Jay Yaggie is a graduate of Cornell University with an engineering degree and a Master’s degree In Project Management. He is currently working as a Management Consultant and Process Engineer for Federal, State, and Municipal governments. He is an avid community volunteer having held leadership positions in Lakewood Youth Sports organizations and Southwestern Schools Education Foundation. Currently he is serving as the Vice Chair of Chautauqua Striders.

John Shedd is a Purdue University graduate and a licensed Architect. He is the Vice President of Campus Planning and Operations for Chautauqua Institution. He currently serves on the Lakewood Village Planning Board, the Chautauqua Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District Agency as well as on Governor Cuomo’s Harmful Algal Bloom Steering Committee for Chautauqua Lake.

Qualifications – Yes, McCague, Yaggie, and Shedd have more than enough real-world experience in budgetary/fiscal management, project and program leadership, community planning, efficiencies in government, and helping governments operate effectively. Their experience isn’t limited to local village government. It isn’t part-time experience, it is based on years of engineering, technology integration, legal, and community-based planning.  It isn’t easy – its hard work over many years!

The McCague, Yaggie, and Shedd team will be able to build on Lakewood’s prior successes, bring new innovative ideas, kick start a revitalized business district, and keep Lakewood on the path for a bright future.

Don’t vote “easy” – Vote for the qualified, professional candidates.  Vote Team Lakewood!