Lakewood’s award-winning comprehensive plan is the manifestation of a vision created by village residents. But it will do no more than sit upon a shelf and gather dust unless we continue with “vision” and take ownership of the conviction that a better Lakewood CAN be achieved. We can not succumb to fear, uncertainty and doubt.

At the Village of Lakewood’s Board of Trustees’ meeting on Monday, January 28, 2019 a roomful of residents showed up to give their arguments for or against the approval and acceptance of two stormwater grants – grants which would not only reduce the deposit of sediment and nutrients into Chautauqua Lake, but also improve the aesthetics of Chautauqua Avenue and Lowe Park at minimal cost to the village. The debate ensued for hours when, finally, a resident stood up and made the following observation: “Vision … and FUD’ he repeated several times. “Vision … and FUD”. What did he mean? What is FUD? Continue reading “VISION … and FUD!”