The Right Leader at the Right Time

Chautauqua Avenue and the Clock

Party affiliation cannot be the determining factor when voting in Lakewood this November, since party affiliation is much less defined through circumstance. “What is in a name” is more aptly replaced with “What is in the candidate.”

Raise your hand if you want a tidy and walkable Chautauqua Avenue with prospering businesses, a strong tax base that contributes to our village’s needs, along with a strong board that works together to create a balance between preservation and smart growth. We need leaders who will roll up their sleeves and get to work for us—ones who bring their experience and their skills to the fore rather than a reluctance to change at all. 

What matters here is vision and a proven knowhow to bring that vision to fruition. A more graceful business district, for example, takes public funding and grants, and preserving our historic ambiance and open spaces takes crucial planning skills and an understanding of zoning.

In fact, in a changing world, the skills needed today to run a village far exceed those needed of our past leaders: computer knowledge, fiscal planning, grant writing, marketing skills, legal knowhow, and real management and political skills are important tools for the job. 

The New York State Senate believes that among the most important powers and duties granted by the legislature to a village government is the authority and responsibility to create a village comprehensive plan that regulates land use to help protect the public health, safety and general welfare of its citizens.

That is indeed a fancy way of saying, “we’ve got a solid plan,” and our interim mayor Ted McCague not only observed that Lakewood was absent an updated plan, but he set out to create one—a plan that identifies the goals and objectives for Lakewood’s protection and development. And it was such a good plan he won an award for it.

As acting mayor, he has shown fiscal responsibility by lowering taxes while fully funding essential services and he’s bringing to fruition a new plan for Chautauqua Avenue. He’s also helping to create a new stormwater plan for the village, and has actively worked on volunteer boards and other committees now and in the past all aimed at enhancing the health of our community. 

As an international airline pilot for many decades, and with an advanced degree in law, Ted has shown great leadership throughout his life, but it’s really his commitment to our village that impresses people along with his ability to make a difference by listening and taking action. Take a walk down Chautauqua Avenue if you want to see his commitment in action.

We’ve all seen candidates throughout our voting history that are long on charm and short on vision; long on political networking and short on action; long on words but short on truth.

We just need someone to roll up their sleeves with us in Lakewood—someone who has the skills, and the foresight and the intelligence to get things done. No party politics, no political wrangling, just sit down with us and help us fix the things that need fixing and help us forge a healthy future.

It really is that simple.